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Raised in Lahaina, I joined the United States Army immediately after graduating High School and became a Cameraman and Paratrooper for the 1st Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

After my discharge from the service, I returned home to Maui and became a very busy cameraman for two decades. An old Army injury resurfaced forcing me to retire from behind the camera. The Veterans Administration sent me back to school as part of their Vocational Rehabilitation Program for Disabled Veterans and I chose Barbering. I attended Ravenscroft Beauty & Barber College in Fort Wayne Indiana, the largest Beauty Culture School in the mid-west, graduating with Honors. I was trained by some of the best Master Barbers in the country.

Upon graduating Barber College, I apprenticed for a year and half under two Master Barbers at Witte's Washington Square Barbershop, a traditional shop that has been in continuous business since 1972.

An old soul, I consider myself part of the last generation to be raised up in a Barbershop and I cherish those memories. I would be happy if it were the 1950's permanently. Because of this I hope to create that experience for my clients as I strive to be your hometown Barber, one of the cornerstones of our community. I am not a celebrity barber nor am I that cool. I am just a regular guy who wants to make my fellow man look and feel their best.

So come on in, have a seat and let's talk story.



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845 Waine'e St #100Lahaina
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