A classic Barbers haircut using electric clippers and/or scissors. Includes the hot lather neck shave.
30 min$30.00
Hot Towel Shave
This is what the Barbershop is all about. Your classic three towel shave. We use only the best Italian shave cream hot out of the latherizer. One of the few places on Maui to get this authentic service. Jeff is very well trained with the straight-razor, learning from and apprenticing under some of the best master Barbers in the country.
30 min$50.00
Haircut and Hot Towel Shave
In and Out Electric Shave
If you're in a hurry, our In and Out shave is what you need. We use a professional electric shaver to get you looking clean and well groomed.
30 min$25.00
Hot Towel Head Shave
If you're looking for shiny smooth, nothing gets you there except hot towels, hot lather and a straight razor.
30 min$35.00
Beard/Mustache trim w/line up
Crispy or natural lines, we will get your beard and mustache looking great.
30 min $20.00
Hot Towel and Facial Shave
Haircut with Beard Trim